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Quick Overview Warning! Do Not Skip This Section

The Quick Video tutorial below "Traffic & Leads Flow Chart" In simple terms it's a "Bird Eye View Of Your Entire Marketing System".

It's going to mentor you in getting a clear mindset and successful strategy on setting up your very own traffic converting marketing sales funnel that will attract targeted prospects to your primary business while building a responsive list that will create multiple streams of income with digital automated systems. 

Traffic & Leads Flow Chart: Watch Video Tutorial Below 



Click Here To Open Up The Flow Chart In PDF Format Online





The purpose of this Fast Start Training Guide is to provide a shortcut to help you jump start your online business successfully. It will be focused on getting traffic to your website as soon as possible while you're learning other advanced online marketing strategies inside your member's area.

This Fast Start Trianing was created to help you jumpstart your business with at least 1 or two methods of generating traffic to get you started. Your PLS Power leads system members area will have an awesome training portal with complete step by step instructions and videos to help you with getting set up as well.

 Note: If you are new to internet marketing don’t be overwhelmed by all the information. After you go through the instructional videos it’s all going to be clarified.

At first you may feel puzzled and challenged but then you're going to be amazed as you start to see results. Keep a list of things to do and just knock them off one by one.



How To Prepare The Mindset For Success?

Why is it that some people seem to shine in any sphere in which they choose to exert theselves, and others cannot manage even a glimmer despite obvious talent?

Research shows that it's the way that they think about their ability that really counts. 

Most of those who have achieved greatness, to use Shakespeare's phrase, have worked extremely hard to get there. Many were told that they would never amount to anything, But they believed that they could achieve, and worked hard to do so.

Listen to this Audio "The Science Of Getting Rich" while your in the process of building your internet empire during non productive time.

The Biggest Challenge that you can have is between your heart and mind.

Challenge yourself for the next 30 days to master "The Science Of Getting Rich" through the process of repetition.

"It's going to be a game changer to your success"

* Prepare your Android or Iphone and access the audio for free on Youtube.
* Get some earphones and start plugging into this amazing law of attraction.



Daily Prosperity Affirmations


Listen To This Prosperity Affirmation Exercise Daily, Repeatedly, So That It Can Internalize Subconciously

Click Here To Start The Audio

* Prepare your Android or Iphone and access the audio for free on Youtube.
* Get some earphones and start plugging into this amazing law of attraction.




Step 1: Get Your Lead Generation And Marketing Platform Set Up With The Lead Lighting/Power Leads System:

If you have not register to get your lead generating & marketing platform go and register now:

Note: You can skip step 1 if you have already joined leadslighting/powerleadsystem


Step 2: Get Sign Up With SBC - Skinny Body Care As Your Primary Business:

You can use your own primary business but I recommend you position yourself with SBC for it’s unique powerline system That places people below you.

Step 2:1: Click Here Now To Sign Up With SBC

Step 2:2: Join The SBC Power Team Facebook Group

Note: You can skip step 2 if you have already joined SBC-Skinnybodycare





Step 3: First Sales Funnel Approach:            


Promote my primary business SBC- Skinny Body Care and introduce the leadslighting / Powerleadsystem


If you want to use this ( sample ) highly converting landing page for SBC -Skinnybodycare then just copy the share code below.

This is the sales funnel code that you are going to use when You get to that section in your back office.

Save it because you are going to see it appear in your my share code section of your PLS-powerleads system back office.

To copy my Skinny Body Care sales funnel you will need to identify the  two share codes
below In your share codes section of your powerleadsystem back office:


Share Codes: 

Please insert share codes in the section that says: Content Shared with me

1. 584355-SBC-Landing-Page - This is the opt in landing page Click Here To View
2. 584355-SBC-Hangout  - This is the sales video page Click Here To View


3. 584355-GettingStarted-FastStartTraining  - This is the Getting Started Page Click Here To View

This share code is for you to use with the Step 2: Sign up button for SBC-Hangout Sales Video Page above

I recommend that you create a training site with the name



Step 4: Second Sales Funnel Approach:

It’s important to understand that I take 2 approaches when generating my leads.


Section 4:1: Promote Lead Lighting & introduce your primary Business


Once you sign up with the leadlighting /powerleadsystem you can start sending traffic to your default link or choose a custom link:


Default referral link: No Tracking Link - A quick way to start sending traffic while you learn to create a sub-domain & tracking link.


Referral Link 'B'(Promote Lead Lightning & Your Primary Business) <<--------------make sure you change your username


Section 4:2: Recommended Custom link: You Can Create Tracking Link


I highly recommend you use the capture page that are already predesigned and you can create different subdomains with tracking.

The default is only good to track one particular campaign at a time per link but has no interchangeable tracking options that you can expand on.


Click the link to view example of the lead capture pages:

FLS Lead Capture Page # 13: Promote Lead Lightning & Primary

FLS Lead Capture Page # 08: Promote Lead Lightning & Primary

Here Is A Bonus Share Code: The share code below is a high converting video landing page that I like to use. Copy & paste the highlighted code below into the share code section of your Power Lead System.


Share Code: 310544-Eugene-FLS    (by Eugene Pelser)  Click here to view



Note: The 2 lead capture page above may be labeled with a different number in the back of your lead system platform or may have a different look or design.

All of them work and have been tested to convert. Choose the one that you like best. All you need is one to begin.



Step 5: Aweber Intergration:  

If you plan to set up and integrate Aweber autoresponder and want to merge the email letter series you are going to need my list code:


Aweber Autoresponder list code: awlist4380182-08898-$F$B


Now You Can Begin To Promote And Send Traffic To Your Link

You can now text, email, post and promote your link to all your future contacts and start driving traffic to your new domain URL link.



Step 6: Learn How To Set Up A Domain/Sub-Domain And Tracking Link


There Are 2 Things You Need To Know Before You Begin Sending Traffic:

1. Know how to set up a sub-domain and link it to the tracking system

2. Know how to set up an advertising tracking link

View The Video On How To Create A Domain/Sub-Domain:

Section 6:1: Log In To your power leads System Admin:


Section 6:2: Click the green button or section that says: click here to see these particular updates on my next login”


Section 6:3: Mouse over the tab that says Websites then go to domain/subdomain and click on Manage Domains.


Section 6:4: View Instructional Video  


Tracking your campaign will allow you to know where to spend your advertising dollars more efficiently when driving traffic to your website.


Section 6:5: View the video on how to create a Tracking Link:


Section 6:6: Log In To your power leads System Admin:


Section 6:7: Click the green button or section that says: click here to see these particular updates on my next login”


Section 6:8: Mouse over Websites then go to Ad-Tracking and click on View Instructional video.





Step 7: Start Purchasing Solo Ads Here: Click Here


I have found that Solo Ads give you the best return on your advertising budget. The community that I’ve recommended above is very safe.


Use this snippet below to start off: Again this is just to get you started. You will have many other snippets when you continue your internet marketing training education.


Click Here For Sample Solo Ad Email Templates



Step 8: Start Posting On Facebook Groups


Here is one simple strategy I use all the time which cost me $5 per gig to promote to 20 million Facebook Groups:


You want to Target the Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales, Lead Generation, Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Groups.


You can go to and search for Facebook Group Posting make sure you message them first and see if they are ready and able to deliver your post in the present moment.

Once you get a confirmation you then copy and paste the Snippet 3 line ad below and attach the Image.


I'd like to start posting these simple 3 line post and attached image to all your  business groups especially targeting network marketing, MLM, etc:


3 Line Ad Snippet:


Need Fresh Leads? Claim Your FREE System and Rake In


10 - 30 Leads DAILY 100% Free!




Watch the video below where our team mate Eugene shows you how to create attractive ads in Facebook and the other social media platforms to generate a lot of leads for your online business!


I will also show you where to get the text for the ads including where to get awesome images and how to resize and crop the images for best results!


View the video here <<<<



Step 9: You Can Also Use An Auto Poster Like NINJA Blaster


This auto poster will also save you a lot of time that you can spend doing

something else!


View the video here <<


Below is the section covered in the video:

Ninja Blaster

Facebook Group Auto-poster


Ninja Blaster ==> Get It now Click Here


Facebook Group Keywords

affiliate marketing,network marketing,make money online,earn money online,home based business,mlm,internet marketing,online marketing, direct sales, leadership groups, mentoring, entrepreneur coaching, moms work from home, work at home moms, personal development, network marketing leadership, advertising and marketing, lead generation,


Step 10: You Can Sign Up With These Ad Networks & Traffic Exchanges

1. Udimi Solo Ads  <<===== Highest Converting Traffic My #1 Spot

2. Webtraffic21
3. Rebrandable Traffic 
4. Lease Ad Space 
5. Ads Fly 
6. Herculist



At least if you don’t do anything beyond this point your business will still be able to grow because you have now created a sales funnel that converts and you’ve started driving traffic to your website using Solo Ads.


Imagine your business like a Cash Cow.

You invest money feeding the cow while the cow produces products that you can
take to the market, and earn a profit on when people purchase them.


So your business works the same way. You invest money in buying more solo ads to feed your business and the compensation plan will take care of you for the rest of your life.


I did not want to complicate your getting started training so that’s why I provided just a couple of solo ad marketing strategy in this fast start.


You should however, continue your online marketing training and education when you log in to your training and tutorial section of your back office.

Get creative with your marketing, have fun and make lots of money.


Happy Marketing



Continue Marketing Education Steps

Step 11: Become A Student Of Your Back Office Getting Started Training

Step 11:1: Log In To your power leads System Admin: https://www.MyCompanyAdmin.comp?


Step 11:2: Click the green button or section that says: click here to see these particular updates on my next login”


Step 11:3: Register For The Team Training Site: Mouse over “Training” and  click on “Training Area” and register.



Step 12: Learn How To Set Up Different Domains And Track Your Advertising Campaigns

Step 12:1: Log In To your power leads System Admin:


Step 12:2: Click the green button or section that says: click here to see these particular updates on my next login”


Step 12:3: Go To “Websites” then click on “Ad Tracking” And watch “instructional video”. Go To Domain / Subdomain set up and do the same.


Step 12:4: Go To “Websites” then click on “Domain / Subdomain” then click on “Manage Sub-Domains” and watch the instructional video. 


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